Lions Gate Digital

Lions Gate Digital

Lions Gate Digital offers a unique selling proposition (USP) and a sticky sauce that sets it apart in the market. The company’s USP is its exclusive “By Invitation Only” membership model, which provides members with the opportunity to become owners of a highly secure and innovative identification verification system.

The core concept revolves around connecting human intelligence into a human blockchain, where each member takes an oath recorded on video and permanently stored on the blockchain. This oath is a simple promise to protect their own identification and that of others while actively contributing to the improvement of Lions Gate.

To ensure authenticity and proof of life, each new member is required to provide a video holding a newspaper displaying the current date. Additionally, members are encouraged to designate a contact person in case of emergencies. The application process includes a series of personalized questions, such as place of birth, school name, or the color of their eyes. These questions help in establishing and verifying member identities.

Lions Gate Digital, Self-Sovereign Identity Systems

Members also agree to participate in a monthly survey and assist in verifying new members. The continuous addition of video interview recordings to verify new members and explain the system’s workings contributes to the growth and transparency of the blockchain.

Lions Gate Digital‘s blockchain will expand over time, with the cryptocurrency value increasing in parallel. Despite this growth, the monthly subscription fee of $9.99 remains constant. Through the multi-level marketing plan, members have the opportunity to introduce new individuals to the platform. As they successfully recruit new members, their own subscription becomes free. This ensures that the system is always improving and that the cryptocurrency underlying it continues to appreciate in value.

Overall, Lions Gate Digital offers a compelling proposition for individuals seeking a highly secure and community-driven identification verification system. The By Invitation Only approach, combined with the involvement of human intelligence, fosters a sense of ownership and continuous improvement. With a growing blockchain and an increasing cryptocurrency value, Lions Gate Digital aims to create a sustainable and mutually beneficial ecosystem for its members.

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