Aaron Arthur Day

An Internet entrepreneur since before the Web was born (circa 1993), back then we developed commercial sites on Compuserve, Prodigy and AOL. While living in Deerfield Beach, Florida a colleague working at IBM Research, introduced me to the Mosaic browser (aka Netscape), we were among the first to surf the Web. Ever since, I have been passionately involved in website design and development.

Born in Lions Gate Hospital (North Vancouver), grew-up in Kelowna, British Columbia, my career began with the World Wide Web. Based in South Florida for 12 years, travelling to the Bahamas, Caribbean, Costa Rica and South America, migrating to Sao Paulo Brazil in 2004, then returning to Canada in 2015.

President of Lions Gate Digital and editor of Invest Offshore, residing in Vancouver. Living the life I love, and loving the life I live.


    Lions Gate Digital, Inc.

    #142 - 757 West Hastings St.
    Vancouver, British Columbia
    Canada V6C 1A1